Monday, April 14, 2014

I'm BACK...With A Story About Briefs!

So, as those of you who have followed my posts over the last couple years already know, I have this thing for briefs. It started when I was very young, like in 5th grade, when I saw a guy I liked wearing briefs in gym class. I was so bold as to ask him if I could rub my face in his crotch. Seriously. We started calling it "Face Rapes" and it was instantly transformed from an innocent game to a big group activity, as some things were in the years leading up to puberty. Once I entered middle school and 7th grade, however, the ante was upped considerably. By this point, our little game caused a reaction that tended to, how shall we say, fill out the skivies in a more tantalizing way. Hence, my passion for briefs and bulges was born! Now, skip to college and imagine the boy in the blue briefs above. He reminds me of a scenes just like this at my fraternity house, where a brother would be lying on his bunk in his briefs. I would be sitting in his room speaking with him and attempting to hide the fact that I was salivating at the imagery of me pulling down his briefs and sucking him off. And do you know what? It happened more than once. And when it did, it was the total culmination and fulfillment of every sexual fantasy and urge I had ever had up to that point. It was a mid-term of the educational journey that began in 5th grade. From "face rapes" to an intense "forbidden" interaction between two sexy young guys that rose to a whole new level of brotherly lust. Later, in my 20's and in my first relationship, we acted out an extension of this perverse excitement built around the bulge and briefs. I would ask my boyfriend to put on a pair of clean, but worn, white briefs as a set-up for an extended oral session. Over the next hour, I would pull out a ball through a small torn hole, pull his cock out another and tear little patches of cloth along the way. Eventually, he was fully erect and wearing what appeared to be the sexiest of cock promoting teaser rags you could possibly imagine. It was so f**king hot! Why I didn't take photos of it at the time eludes me, but I think that we were both so into our roles and the session that we didn't want to interrupt it. I would continue the session by edging and sucking him until he was so hot from the stimulus and the feel of his sexy "costume" that he erupted violently down my throat or all over my face. Bingo! I had been successful in carrying on my childhood passion into a new millennium! Here's the deal with all this. A little imagination, mixed with a lot of stimuli, appropriate props and two very motivated guys can result in carnal ecstasy! It's been especially true for me in my journey to oral bliss, as I've mentioned so often in this blog. So, if you're an oral top reading this post, why not try out wearing something that showcases your ultimate gift and driving your service provider into a frenzy? Believe you me, men, taking the time to set up a hot scene is what good productions, onstage or off, are all about. Briefs and bulges are what started me on this road to phallic enlightenment. And, as they say, the journey continues.....

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Hiatus - "A period when something (as a program or activity) is suspended or interrupted..."

Hey guys. How's it hangin'? As many of you know, I've been writing this salacious yet, hopefully, informative blog for a few years now.  I've enjoyed every moment and have even felt that I've touched a few people "where they live" in unexpected ways by recounting my thoughts, theories, opinions, experiences and the sexual activities of others. Let's face it, the phallus is the gift that keeps on giving in our life and aren't we all better for having embraced our passion for man's best friend? But sometimes, priorities change and activities and life direction takes you toward new and different goals. Such is the case with me, right now and for the foreseeable future. I hope that your own unique passion and fascination for oral sex continues unabated. Each of us has the ability to develop our own reality of sexual self-actualization. If you are just a looky-loo in this realm, you're probably one in other aspects of your life, too. That may work for you. In my case, I've never been satisfied living outside the circle of life, love, growth, experience and happiness. Our time here is too short to live vicariously and we tend to be give in of the fears that bind and control us. I read once that walking through the door marked "Fear" is the opening to fulfillment and happiness. I believe that more now than at any time in my past. Whether it is career, education, sexual growth or your individual manifest destiny, don't give in to doubt, fear, resentment, jealousy, inadequacy or temperament. Control your direction and make your life the richest, fullest, most exciting journey possible. There may be a time when I return to my sexual passion as a blogger, but for now I'm going to use those skills in other ways. Sexually, however, I continue to embrace my love for what can only be described as the most perfectly designed organ for human pleasure....our cocks. And, as I think I have made clear for some time, the mouth/mind/cock connection is the perfection of connection and I will continue to honor and promote it in my life, loves and personal growth. Best wishes and remember, "Sperm is a terrible thing to waste!".

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

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Mr. Rodman's Prescription for a Perfect Private Perky Penis Party!

My faithful reader and enthusiastic contributor, Peter Rodman, wrote me recently to share his recipe for a an oral extravaganza where everyone leaves happy, satisfied and filled with....positive thoughts about such a well-planned and executed event. His secret, as it were, is having a DCS* in attendance to handle the overload(s) and, I'm assuming, to assist with the clean-up and laundering. Here's what he wrote:
Planning a party? There's so much to think about.  The logistics:  location, day, starting time, duration, guests. If it won't be at your own place where instead will it happen?  How big is the space?  What's a reasonable number of party goers for the extent of the surroundings?  Who should be invited?  How much advance notice should you give? Can anyone bring anyone they want along --- including others you've never met?  Is there a theme?  Is this to celebrate some event?  How formal should this be?  How close are others nearby who you may have to worry about disturbing and upsetting if the noise level gets too loud and things get a bit wild? What will be the appropriate dress level in terms of clothing? How are you going to get the word out?  Will it be a big bash or something simple like having some of the guys over for beer, pizza, and poker or watching a major sporting event on television? Then there's the planning details --- some items will require spending money:  food and munchies, alcohol and booze, recreational drugs (Editor's Note: I do not support or condone the use of "recreational" drugs, but am choosing to include his unedited comments) and poppers, decorations and costumes, condoms, porn videos, music and entertainment, party games, toys and activities.  It can be stressful and wear you down, figuring out all of this and making the arrangements.  After a while you may find your head swimming. There's one vastly important detail that tragically is all too often overlooked, not thought about with the proper attention it deserves, and not given the care and planning it merits. This is something that can be crucial to the overall success of the event --- something that can turn an ordinary affair into one that your guests will never forget --- something that can transform your event into the stuff of legends that those fortunate enough to be present will be talking about for years. The key point is not to forget about arranging for the DCS --- that stands for *Designated CockSucker.  Don't think or assume that one or a few of the guests will end up giving a few blowjobs.  You really need a skilled cum slut cocksucker on hand dedicated to sucking off ALL of the guests (and yourself) multiple times. This calls for an experienced, dynamic master cocksucker---an ordinary cocksucker won’t do.  You need someone who sucks dicks and slurps cum with energy, enthusiasm, gusto, and passion---someone who’s tireless and can go the distance, happy to stay down on his knees and suck cock after cock nonstop for hours. He needs to be flexible and work under the conditions best for your party, whether it’s privately in a back room or in the open in front of everyone.  He has to be willing to man a glory hole, work wearing a blindfold, and suck hands free if desired so that his mouth is what really coaxes the cum he swallows out of the dicks.  He needs to be a champion deep throater with no gag reflex, taking in even the largest cock there all the way to the hilt.  He has to hold his head still and let anyone who wants to fuck his throat raw. He has to be excited to have his face, the hair on his head, his neck, shoulders, arms, pecs, nips, pits, and abs extensively slathered with and drenched and drowning in plenty of creamy, dripping loads of cum. As long as any man there can still get it up again he has to keep on sucking and continue to deliver stunning, killer oral orgasms, even when they’ve become dry sucks past the point where every bit of cum that was in all the male bodies present is long gone. And this shouldn’t cost you a cent.  At least when I’m lucky enough to be the DCS at a party I’m thrilled to consider all the cocks I get to suck and the cum I get to revel in and guzzle down as more than adequate payment in full.  When I’m the DCS I guarantee full satisfaction. Thank you, Mr. R for sharing your thoroughly researched recommendations for my readers. Let's face it, where else will you get such useful and provocative insights but here at Oral Cock Worship? And here's just one more idea to consider. How about having the DCS spit all his hard-earned semen in a bowl after every load? At the end of the evening, a drawing can be held, with the winner given the glorious task of pouring the still-warm seed all over the cocksucker's face and wiping it into his hair and mouth while thanking him profusely and intensely for his servitude to the group. Silly me, always thinking of ways to improve the oral experience. Cheers!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Unopened Packages in Honor of the Academy Awards

Goodness, how time flies! It's March already and tonight is the annual festive fashionista spectacle acknowledging cinematic  achievements from this past year. Presented by the Academy of Movie Picture Arts and Sciences,  the Academy Awards (aka the Oscars) will be handed out to those who received the most votes from the 6,000 academy members worldwide. Since many of you will be watching, I thought it only appropriate to so a themed post today to wet your whistle (so to speak) for tonight's festivities. And how better to do that than to feature some of my favorite unopened packages from this past year! As the packages, I mean envelopes, are opened tonight, you can do the same by imagining you're exposing these wieners...I mean the same time! Isn't that just incredibly imaginative? Well, it's the best I can do on a dreary morning here in Seattle, so be kind. But in all honesty, and from my extensive experience, the anticipation and excitement of opening something that announces a winner is much the same thing. Now, I have never actually broken out in applause as the winner is exposed, I mean announced, but there have been several that were deserving of such a reaction. Why don't you consider making tonight's award show a little game wherever you're watching? As each envelope is opened, have someone unzip and expose their penis! Then everyone applauds and screams in affirmation. Can you just imagine how good everyone will feel at the end of the evening knowing that their phallus has been so enthusiastically acknowledged by a group of their peers? I don't know how I think of these things, really. But the analogy of unopened surprises seems to make sense. Enjoy tonight's show, everyone, and think about how you can connect the awards with oral cock worship. After all, it is those skills, coupled with a alluring screen presence, that got most of those guys into those films in the first place....don't ya know?

Friday, February 28, 2014

Wearing Protection.....on your knees.....

Hey look, don't say that you haven't learned some fascinating things from reading my blog. I know otherwise! On some level, I actually care about each and every one of you. Especially your vulnerable body parts. Today's update is all about wearing protection during sex.....of the knees! As I'm sure you learned in school (ahem...), each knee consists of 3 condyloid joints, 12 ligaments, 13 bursae, and the you can just imagine how important they can be. I mean, you don't just buy another set of "condyloid joints" at Rite-Aid, if you catch my drift. Right? Anyhoo, for you tops, life is a bowl of cherries. You just stand there and push your cock in a slobbery mouth and let the poor sucker do all the work. Or you sit in a comfy chair, spread you legs and feed your oral sub what he craves. Unbeknownst to you, however, is the fact that this poor guy is totally messing up his knees by crawling around on concrete and dirt, inching himself closer to his next sperm deposit. Have you heard of rug burn? It's real, you know and only the first tell-tale indication that a service provider may need to start protecting his tender body parts before it's too late. As we know, knee pads are required for a wide variety of occupations, sporting activities and other non-sexual recreational activities. Designers use them! Stars wear them! They are available in a myriad of styles, designs, compositions and colors. But nooooooooooooooooo, you cannot find a pair designed for man's best friend....and I don't mean his dog! His cocksucker! There is actually a knee injury closely aligned with my favorite activity called, of all things, clergyman's knee; or infrapatellar bursitis. A doctor might describe it as infrapatellar bursal inflammation and swelling due to chronic trauma, e.g. prolonged kneeling. There is something so life-affirming and spiritually uplifting knowing that I could share a common ailment with my local parish priest. I wonder if this particular malady was named with the assumption that priest spent time on their knees praying?!? I'll have to ask a few alter boys what they think.....hmmmmmmmmmmmm. So, I happen to personally vote for the red knee-pads-on-wheels model above, as I think it's not only cute, but eminently practical for those who imbibe in the fruit of the loins, like I do. Wonder if I could get the name of my blog painted on them and sell them online? Jesus, I'm such a marketing genius sometimes! So, whether you are a big-dicked oral top feeding your friends and lovers steamy batter, or are a knee-walking (ouch!), sperm swilling cocksucker, keep knee pads in mind for gift giving. Imagine what would happen if every eater came down with infrapatellar bursitis and couldn't perform their duty? What would you tops do? Protection, men, protection. And that's my lesson for today.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Case of the 8-foot Phallus.....and Other Mysteries......

At times in my cock worshiping life, I have often found myself asking that age-old question when contemplating the size of my partner, "Is five eight too many?". Of course, I was speaking in inches, not feet. Even with my propensity for deep throating, I'm never really gotten down much more than 8-9 during my most aggressive moments. Never mind anything you can need a yard stick to measure! So, it is with humble honor I present to you now one of the world's largest phalli. And no, it is not attached to the young man at the end. He's just a prop to show the immense size of the thing. And in case you have deteriorated from just a simple "size queen" to having full-blown psychosis over cock size, you can check this one out further at the following site: And I don't mean to be impertinent or anything, but is it my imagination, or do those balls belong to a three foot dong, not one the size of a small submarine. Just sayin'.....

Seeping, Sticky, Warm, Thick and Oozing. Happy Saturday!

It's fun when guys really like to play the daddy top in oral sex. That term, to me at least, doesn't elicit any certain age group, either. In my early 20's I had a total daddy oral top boyfriend, also in his 20's, who knew how to embrace his role...and his cock...with effortless abandon. He knew the power that his phallus represented and made sure that I knew I was there to honor, service and drain it without hesitation. Me, hesitate? Perish the thought, mister! I would get him so hot by edging him over and over again that he would get to the point of no return and either shove it deeply into my throat, hold my head still and start pumping his man seed in thick ropes down my throat. Other times he would simply state, "Lean back. I'm coming". He would then stand or kneel over me and start shooting without touching his engorged cock. Soooooo hot! Oh to have had a recording of those moments for future use....I could have made a fortune. The bottom photo above reminded me of those times when he released his load and then rub it in my face with his still hard cock. Sometimes he would wipe the seed off with his fingers and shove it into my mouth. Is there anything sexier than having your top feed you his load still warm and puddling on your face and chest? And btw, guys. On a complete other note. Contact that cunt governor in Arizona, will you, and tell her not to sign Senate Bill 1062 which would legalize gay discrimination. Her name is Jan Brewer and she has a website for public comments. If that bill gets signed, Arizona will join like-minded allies like Uganda and Iran in marginalizing the LGBT community. It just can't happen in America in 2014. Get busy!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Suck Music and Other Thursday Musings

With a bent for entertainment, I'm all about setting the right mood for any and all occasions. My favorite one, of course, is a session of intense oral adoration and service with a special feeder who "gets" that sometimes unattainable mouth/mind/cock connection, to which I often allude in my writing. I was recently turned on to a musical group that I had heretofore been unaware of called Above & Beyond. There are what a true aficionado might call trance group, although frankly, I still get confused by the overlap in Trance, Electronica and House genres as they all seem to sound the same to me most of the time. In further reading, I found out that there are distinct differences, but often with a tell-tale beat that tends to override other characteristics. playing the last couple recordings of Above & Beyond, I noticed that their sound can vary from a new age acoustic feel to one much more hard core and meant for midnight at a sexually charged dance/cruise bar. I find that particular sound extremely sexual and realize that it would serve well as background for a future session. Which, I might add, is happening in about 90 minutes with a former Oklahoman possessing of,  "a short, fat dick, big balls and huge loads". Hmmmmmm. Sounds familiar? So, I may test my theory about music and play my new discovery while he's here. But I'm also torn somewhat in that, as a real music guy, I think there can be a wide variety of stuff out there for sucking cock. I mean, what a bore the world would be if we had to always succumb (not to be confused with suck cum, you understand) to the same music every single time we had sex, right? Actually, one of the hottest sessions I ever had was with this crazy fun and brilliant musician who loved getting serviced to 20th/21st Century choral works! Carmina Burana by Orff was one of his favs. It's a big, showy piece for orchestra and chorus done often by symphonies around the world, but you can save money and stream it from your phone et al while having your next moment of ceremonial cock worship. Nothing brings out the intensity of cock worship like a flaming chorus of singers in heat! At least that's what I'm told. So, the lesson for today is simple. Try different musical backgrounds to your scene of seemly, senseless oral abandon. You'll be amazed at how much it can add to the mood. Now, where else could you read something so profound and spot-on in planning your next oral-phallic interlude...? Only here at Oral Cock Worship, n'est pas?

Monday, February 10, 2014

You May Think You're Straight...but listen to this cock worship hypnosis video before making up your mind....

Love the fact that this chick decided to make an hypnosis video to help her straight guy friends loosen up for M4M oral sex. Hell, it made me even more horny just listening to it and watching the great photos of men doing what we do better than anybody. Check it out and relax...think of your cock....and relax.....

Sexual Perversity...I Mean Diversity...on the Eastern Seaboard

As I have mentioned oft before, I receive many nice notes from guys who have discovered my blog for the first time and contact me with a brief note of acknowledgement, or sometimes a story from their own experience. The latter is the case with today's update, from a friendly fellow in the Northeast. He writes: My introduction to being bi, which I consider myself to be, culminated in the late 1990s. I had a beautiful pony tailed girlfriend and a roomy who was a chef at a local restaurant. He and I had gotten high a few times and he told me he was sexually adventurous. My girlfriend and I broke up that summer, and I had taken to sleeping in (I worked as a golf pro at a local country club) mostly afternoons. One morning, in a fog and half sleep, I awoke to my roommate licking and slurping my morning wood, my grateful twitching, if not confused, dong. He had lifted the elastic of my underwear and was making a meal out of my balls and engorged mushroom head. "Stop!  I said, what the fuck". "Shhhh, he said. "Just enjoy. Feels good, doesn't it? Our secret". With that, and before I could respond, it was back down his throat. He glided up and down the full length, then swirled just the head, alternating between fast and slow. "I'm not gay" I said, defeated but in total ecstasy. "Me neither", he said, before returning to his work. My climax was a jaw clenched explosion. He quietly got up, having swallowed all of it. "Oh, there's some mail for you on the counter" he said casually. No mention was made of it in our civilian lives, but the scenario repeated itself for several weeks. Summer 1998. I wrote him back asking for more info, and he responded, I consider myself bi. I found your blog today. It made me remember that. I just remember the confusion of shame and pleasure. I have explored my sexuality and though I haven't dated men, I have many non sexual gay friends. You may use my story and pic. Your adult bookstore stories resonated with me. I remember going to them for a quick release. It was kind of a heightened sexual experience, as I knew it was "naughty". I have gotten over my apprehension and learned to relax and enjoy. Sexual fun comes in many forms. I am also a cocksucker. Also one I found that reminded me of two guys I met in NYC. Suit and tie guys. They joked and called me the guest star. Ha. It was the beginning of starting to enjoy this new found road. Cheers. Love the blog. Gave me a hardon to tell you the story. My correspondent attached the first photo above of himself and then sent he 2nd pic to illustrate a three-way he had after his sexual awakening. Needless to say, the whole experience with his roomy sounds delicious and fun. I recall sucking off a fraternity brother in much the same way one drunken evening after a night out with a (girl) friend. He had an enormous cock and enjoyed my mouth a lot during that moment. Sadly, he chose to be a pussy and later told his girlfriend that I had "molested" him. She told the world. I was ostracized and humiliated and we never spoke again. Ah, the vagaries of men! I welcome the day when you can give you buddy a blowjob, which he thoroughly welcomes and enjoys, without feeling pangs of Christ-induced guilt (or my writer states, "naughty"). Maybe sex can become about two people connecting for a moment, or a lifetime, without labels. I would love to know that high school or college jocks could have a comfortable thing going with a cocksucking buddy without the emotional sky falling in. Or a happy hour "friend" who takes your load if nothing else fans out before you go home. Will that ever be possible? Let's just keep trying, shall we? That's really all one can do these days, you know.....Anyway, thanks to my new friend for sending me his story. I appreciate his openess and candor. So refreshing, really, in a world still way too uptight and judgmental about anything below the beltline.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Fetishes, Sexual Growth, Selfies et al

The title of this post is filled with endless possibilities, but I have a few specific thoughts to share on each one. As I have mentioned in previous posts, I came to the conclusion that I loved cock in a way that some might refer to as fetishistic. Although the term "fetish" has gotten a bad rap over the last several years, I prefer to go back to the original meaning which stated, "the attribution of religious or mystical qualities to inanimate objects, known as fetishes". Now, as we all know, one would be hard pressed (so to speak) to refer to a cock as an "inanimate object" but I think the meaning is clear. I absolutely do ascribe, "religious or mystical qualities" to the penis. Since 7th grade, it has represented everything holy, magical, ceremonial and worship-worthy to me. My time spent in the adoration of the penis brings me joy, satisfaction and a sense of purpose and peace. I am completely comfortable in embracing that as my personal reality and am proud of it. What's interesting is that my own sexuality has become more focused, satisfying and comfortable as I have matured. I have absolutely no guilt in my passions, interests and avowed proclivities. I believe that all smart, thoughtful people will take this journey, too, if they let themselves. Finding what brings you sexual bliss is a powerful and stimulating voyage of personal discovery upon which every man should embark. Which takes me to these shots above. These are young guys just beginning that journey, but who are so enthusiastic about self-expressionism that they gleefully takes photos of their engorged cocks and send them out to the world via selfies, texts, web sites, emails, hook-up sites, Twitter, blogs and every other imaginable option available. I find this openness incredibly sexy. It brings me back to my own sexual awareness and awakening in middle school. The truth is that it starts young. Once we are old enough to act on those interests, we should do so, obviously safely, but without guilt, remorse, weirdness or anxiety. It may take years to get there. But as someone who has taken the journey and has come full circle, enjoy every moment, every mouthful, every spurt of fresh warm seed, every full-balled, horny dick or mouth that comes your way. Take advantage of every opportunity to experience what is surely our greatest gift, free for the taking, or giving. You will never regret it. Sexuality is as much a part of your growth as any other physical, spiritual, emotional or professional experience. Don't neglect it. BTW, that ginger cock above makes me wet. One of the sexiest pics I'm posted in a long time in my mind. Looks like his journey of discovery has already started. I have a feeling he's going to enjoy the ride....

Friday, January 31, 2014

Sperm IS a Terrible Thing to Waste...I TOLD You So!

Hey, don't say I didn't warn you already, but now it's been scientifically least in a small study in Europe. The unique and Godly substance more commonly known as sperm, cum, splooge, baby batter, seed and actually GOOD for you!! Just read the list of its beneficial qualities and tell me if it doesn't motivate you to go out this very day and either drink from the tap or donate a thick load down a hungry throat to improve our health and wellness! You can't make this stuff up, guys! And to think I've been banging this liquid drum for years. Well, as self-actualized as I may be feeling right now, it's incumbent on me to continue to do my own research. Sure, it's hard to find a controlled lab in which to perform my specialty, but luckily I have other options to find fresh man-milk! To read the whole article, click on this link: Sadly, it tends to infer that only women would benefit from this precious nutritional source, so try to overlook the limited sample of the study. I've never been one to limit myself of man's special sauce, so I fully intend to continue my studies the next few days. Sunday, however, I will be embracing my ever-so-latent hetero side by sitting my ass down in front of my large screen to watch the Seattle Seahawks beat the Denver Broncos. Usually, I'm just competitive over dick, but Sunday I will be routing for my boys in uniform getting all sweaty and mucky on a cold field in New Jersey. And if they do win, as I fully expect, I will be offering each of them a very special treat to show my humble but grateful appreciation for their success. Gosh, I haven't sucked off a whole squad in years, but I am ready and able to take the blow for the team! So, to summarize today's post, be sure to swallow or donate a load of cum this weekend for the health of our boys.....and Goooooooooooo Seahawks!!  XX

Sunday, December 29, 2013

My Belated Christmas Treat...and NOT from Santa!

A few weeks ago I heard from a guy who came (ahem...) across my blog while searching for glory holes and cocksuckers here in the Puget Sound area. I'm always pleased to hear that a new person has found a site that speaks to their shared interest in the phallus, exhibitionism and oral service. Because his initial shared pics inspired me more than usual, I offered to drive a couple hours north and visit his area in ever-scenic Skagit County. He arrived to my hotel quite animated and worked up over the usual holiday family drama and I suggested we just chill a bit and relax. There was a fireplace in my room that caused the temp to exceed sauna levels and I quickly turned it off and opened a window for fresh and refreshingly cool air. He is a very handsome guy, 40, with salt and pepper curly hair and a short trimmed beard, a warm, quirky personality and an interesting history having lived his adult life in Washington, Oregon and California. As the first shot above showed, though, it was his crotch that he finds most fascinating, with a cock that some have termed "Huge" or "Monster" in size. He hero-worships the late John Holmes and would love to achieve that level of phallic notoriety via his own massive appendage. Although still having a ways to go, I think he has every reason to fully embrace his cock-centric identify and confidence. After chewing a couple of Cialis that I bought as party favors, he allowed me to see firsthand his cock, both soft, pumped and hard as I took photos documenting each phase of his rise to full girth. Once he had become fully engorged (and it takes a lotta blood to fill up a thing this size), he insisted on standing to fuck my face. He said that it reminded him of the satisfying glory hole experiences he has had over the last few years. One can only imagine the glee a cock worshiper would experience while watching this mammoth man-meat push through a hole waiting for oral service! As the face-fucking intensified, so did his moans and grunts and exclamations of joy as he worked up an impossibly rich and full semen load. Grabbing my head and shoulders, he continued to pump my mouth intensely as his balls slammed against my chin, eventually spewing his cum deep, deep down my throat. Another suck-cessful session of oral service with a thick, warm, gushing holiday gift at the end! He has thought of doing porn and is intently interested in meeting men with cocks larger than his own for comparison and play. He is basically "straight", but loves to be serviced. Although a totel top, he thinks he could get into a variety of things with other hung guys and wants to meet them! Check out his profile on Squirt - where his screen name is BiSomeTime. Go to the site and click on targeted search under profiles. There is a spot to enter his name above. He describes himself in that profile as someone who, "Loves other big dicks, glory holes, and tag-teaming". You can contact him directly through that site if you wish. Who says all the nice guys are taken? Not this one, guys - handsome, huge dick, sweet disposition and big loads. I have to say, it was the best belated Christmas present I've ever received...ha!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Spa, Gym and Steam Room Cock Worship....A Retrospective

One of the first places guys start experiencing a rise in their libido is at the gym in middle and high school.  If properly harnessed, the power generated by this amount of young, bursting testosterone and constantly erupting man-seed could be substantial. It was 7th grade, if not earlier, in which my interest in the phallus was first identified. I remember how hot it was to see guys in briefs and jocks. My first memories of my adoration of the bulge! I loved the group shower room where you could get a woody and guys would just laugh it off. Sexually naive but open to experimentation, we played with each other and felt nothing but joy, satisfaction and bliss. That was all before the guilt, shame, judgements and "moral" guidelines ruined the fun, of course. But for many of us, if not all, that feeling doesn't just end and is often carried on into adulthood. The sexual tension one experiences when a group of guys is massed in a gym, spa, steam room or locker room releases endorphins for days, among other bodily functions and fluids. I can't count the hot times I've had in shower areas or steam rooms in my adult life. The subtlety of the experience makes it even hotter. A little tug, a little scratch, rearrangement of the balls or cock, a slight thickening of the cock while trying to remain detached. It's just so fucking sexy! And something seems to level the playing field when you'll all nude in a room together. The most hetero of guys seem to remember the good times before society told them otherwise and will engage in sexual expression freely and openly before going on with their lives. Spewing cum is a bodily function, people, not an enactment of one's religious beliefs or training. Guys are made to cum, wired to shoot their sperm at every opportunity. How and when that happens should be as normal, natural and guilt-free as drinking water, coughing and using the restroom! Personally, I admit that I have hooked up with guys in the shower, steam room and dressing area on numerous occasions. It's totally fun! I've serviced guys in steam rooms, done them in a restroom stall, sucked them off between lockers, in the jacuzzi/hot tub, in saunas, in Eucalyptus rooms et al. I've met them in the spa or gym and gone to their home or hotel room or ship's cabin. Each and every one a wiener...I mean winner! Honestly, some of the nicest times I've had are with these serendipitous blo'n goes. Next month I'll be taking a 10-day trip by ship. Wanna bet I hit that steam room early on? Hell yes - and may even make some new buddies as a result. The friendships I've made over the years due to my unique sexual interests has been amazing. But that's a whole other posting best left for the new that well known Irving Berlin holiday song says, "And may all your Christmases be white...".

Monday, December 23, 2013

My Perky Portuguese Prick & Pacifier

Pacifier is right. I guess the word more commonly used these days is Binky, but I'll stick with what I know. The description of it states, "A form of an artificial nipple on which the baby or child sucks...the action of sucking is thought to soothe or calm the baby, quieting the baby..". Well, let's get right to the point. The gorgeous cock above was my pacifier for a few hours yesterday afternoon. And I was a very happy child nursing the warm milky fluid from it.....twice. I was fascinated to find out that the cock was attached to a charming, handsome and bright guy with Portuguese and English roots that originated in Mozambique and South Africa where his family has lived for centuries. In between loads, we sipped on a beverage of choice in front of the fire and discussed politics, culture, race, religion and sexual experiences. How fun is that? Now, speaking of sexual history, he has an interesting one. He lives with a female partner with whom he has a child. The female partner is completely aware of his need for male oral service and embraces (indeed, celebrates) the fact fully. Who knew two adults could be completely honest with each other and still survive as a couple? A rarity these days, methinks, but refreshing and laudable in spirit and deed. I discovered this phallic gem through a website called Address4Sex which has a listing of "Cocksuckers Available" and "Cocksuckers Needed". Talk about practical! Anyhoo, in addition to the site I mentioned a few posts ago, Suck Dick/Save The World, this one has proven to be a no-nonsense bastion of bountiful boners needing attention. And that's where we connected. Although with a baby, LTR and work, scheduling for him is challenging, I think we'll have to plan another session soon. Although it's hard to speak with my mouth full (and this thick thing filled it completely), I wanted to shout a vigorous "Obrigado" (The República de Moçambique was a colony of Portugal for centuries, so get the connection....?) each time he spewed his seed into my throat. Saying thank you in any language is the least I could do for one of the most satisfying sessions I've had in months! And with that, the holiday spirit of giving continues! Jesus would be so proud of his flock.....

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Try Stuffing THIS Into Your Stocking!

Wouldn't you know it, my computer glitched out a few days ago and decided not to recognize my wireless mouse or keyboard. I tried everything and finally decided to call my trusty computer genius Randy who fixed it quickly the last  time it went haywire. Now, I did not expect to be inspecting Randy's rather large and lovely cock and nut sack during his house call earlier this week. But let's just say, when I get a little nervy, I have ways of steering a conversation towards my favorite subject. Randy made a good name for himself as Seattle's "Naked Computer Man" the last few years and locked in his unique niche of technical expertise to the community. This, coupled with a package the size of a small Latin American country (and you know how I love to travel!), was more than I could pass-up. Plus, on his first visit, he brought a visiting family member who, as you can imagine, did not exactly add to the sexual tension. And Randy, who prides himself on being a former, and hopefully future, personal slave (oh, don't be so bourgeois...), was only too accommodating in allowing me to capture this phallic moment. Of course, that slob of man cock didn't get hard by itself, so I had to assist in my own unique way. The you can easily see....are rather hard to miss. Randy's other stated interest, however, is something I have not  addressed in previous posts. He really has been a long-term personal slave. Fascinating! The whole power exchange gig is something I find enticing, but in my case, it's more of an episodic thing rather than a lifestyle choice. For those who do embrace the Master/Slave relationship, however, I have read that it can be deeply fulfilling for both parties. All I know for sure is that Randy is a very well hung and highly skilled computer wunderkind who has revived my equipment (so to speak) on two different occasions. And for both of those attributes, I am deeply grateful. For those of you who might like to hear more about Randy's hardware or other useful deviencies, or to have him come check out your equipment, he advertises on Seattle Gay News ( And btw, he gives one hell of a blow job. Or so I'm told....

Big Black Gifts for the Week Before Christmas

Now, is there any disagreement that black men, or men with black genes, have some of the most gorgeous cocks on the planet? And lucky for people like me, many of them realize the power of their dicks and really get off on having a sub white boy down on their knees feasting on their thick manhood. I'll be honest. I haven't had much experience with black guys. I regret that often, but realize that I haven't actually sucked off everybody on the West Coast yet, so there's still time. I do remember one particular occasion when I met a hot and handsome black guy in his mid-40's at a local suckfest. He didn't seem my type and originally we were both standoffish. A few minutes later though, he was sitting in a chair with his dick out stroking. Then it hit me. He IS my type, after all! In fact, for two loads he was my type....and one of the hottest sessions I've had in ages! And that's the thing about sucking dick. There may be guys who you first see and immediately turn down in your mind as NOK ("Not Our Kind"). You don't like his hair, or his clothing, or he seems strange somehow or he's wearing white tennis shoes with slacks, or he's too old or too different. God knows we all cast aspersions upon first glance. And you know what? We are often just plain, flat-out wrong. I have surprised myself on more than one (1000?) occasions by judging guys I see as a no-go. But something changes once his penis is exposed. Voila! A boyfriend for the moment experience is born! Somehow all those preconceived notions of type go out the window and he becomes the perfect man for now. Sure, maybe not the guy you're going to spend your next vacation with or take home to the relatives or buy a home with or share holidays with....but for that moment in time, his dick and your mouth are connecting in that magical way that satisfies the needs of you both perfectly. But guess what? This guy could  be all those things! But because we have all these preconceived notions of people we draw lines in the (sexual) sand and are scared to cross.  So, here's today's lesson. Don't limit yourself this holiday season to you "type". Branch out. Do something (someone?) different.  It's Christmas, after all. And as we all know too well, honey, in the world of sexual bliss and the holidays, there ain't that many shopping days left....!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Massage

Sometimes I receive unexpected emails from guys who offer their services, either as rent boys or masseurs. on a semi-professional level. Some are licensed and many are not, but they usually know where their biggest talent(s) lie. In my case, they tend to know exactly what I like in a massage and can provide it willingly, enthusiastically and often, quite intensely. It's actually refreshing in a way, as I do not like to pay for a massage without certain prerequisites ensured, if you catch my drift. And when I want a really good professional massage, I tend to look elsewhere, i.e. a spa. So, last week, this guy emails me to let me know that he's new to Seattle and wants to expand his clientele. OK. He makes his point eminently clear that he's read my blog by attaching a photo of his crotch in briefs, knowing full well that it would hit my sexual "sweet spot" dead-on. He stated that he has, "an appointment available" that afternoon. So I thought about it for....oh....maybe 30 seconds (never being too impulsive, as you can well imagine) and decided that, since it had been a while since I had experienced a good massage, I would confirm an appointment. He lives in the Fremont neighborhood north of downtown. It took me less than 30 minutes to get there and I was able to park just a block away on a congested street of condos and apartments. His small but neat studio is on the third floor of a four floor building, near the elevator. He answered the door quickly, wearing black sweats and a gray Seahawks t-shirt; maybe late 20's, short brown curly hair and really pretty green eyes. He looked, dare I say it, healthy and normal...a welcome relief from some I've met who caused me to feign a headache and make an early exit. He asked me if I wanted a glass of water before leading me to an alcove where he had a table set up with sheets. Nice rig. He said that he was going to "freshen" and told me to take off my clothes and get on the table, "face down". He was only gone a minute and returned, sans the sweats, i.e. just in white "Evolve" briefs and t. He asked me if I preferred lotion or oil. I said, "Lotion, but not too much".  I just felt that his kid was  totally in tune with my "buttons" and was all about pushing them for the next 20 minutes. First he ensured that my hands would "brush" his bulge frequently, but he also pushed his cock and nut sack against my head as it sat in the face cradle. After about ten minutes, he asked me to, "flip over". I always am somewhat embarrassed at this moment as I had a raging hard-on from his teasing, but he seem unfazed (or maybe unimpressed...!?!). When I turned over he slipped off his briefs. He got so close to my head I could smell the freshly washed sweetness of his groin - it was SO hot! After he did my legs, he threw caution to the wind and decided I had been teased and taunted enough for one session. Time to get down to business. He asked me to turn my head to the side and move toward the edge, which I did obediently. His dick was simply breathtaking, full, thick, meaty and beautifully formed. He held it in front of my mouth and gently slid it in as he held my head to ensure full engagement. He fucked my mouth for a good 3-4 minutes as he grew increasingly hard. At one point he removed it and wiped it over the side of my face, asking, "You really like that, don't you?". At that point, I asked him if I could get off the table and onto my knees. He swung me around and leaned against the table as I got down to engulf his cock. He asked me if I wanted poppers but I declined. He was so good, in that he knew what I came for and was completely willing to get the best use of my skills.  In a few minutes he told me that he was close. He asked me, "Where do you want it?". Usually I love to get it directly into my mouth, but this time I told him I wanted him to come all over my face. He pulled it out, jacked it off maybe for ten seconds before spewing warm ropes of cum (can that boy shoot!) into my mouth, face and hair! I grabbed a hold of it and milked the last drop. He did something so hot at that moment. He wiped the cum off my face and said, "Open up", scooping up 3-4 fresh gobs of his semen and put it in my mouth with his fingers, making sure I licked them clean. I was completely smitten and under his spell. I used some of the cum in my hair to jack myself off, cumming generously on his carpet. He asked me, "How do you feel?", to which I answered a breathy, "Oh man, so good right now." He brought me a warm, wet towel which I used to clean up a bit. I completed our transaction, hugged him and vowed to come back again soon. I may have to see him again in the months ahead. After a session like that one, however, I could be tempted to either marry or adopt him....ha!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Big, Fat Reason to Give Thanks Today....and Always.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Honestly, there are so many good reasons to give thanks today that I don't know where to start. This photo, however, brought it all back home for me, to the real reason we celebrate the holidays and, especially, Thanksgiving. This gentleman's eyes say it all, "Thank you, God". He knows that is a few brief moments both he and his top cock will be giving thanks for bringing them together to say the blessing and to partake of the purest form of religious fervor and celebration, the anointing of the penis! Now, I don't consider myself to be a religious scholar of any note, but I would bet my last four loads that cock worship was around long before the world's oldest religions, including polytheism and Hinduism. After my own personal religion, on which this blog is based, I tend to agree with many of the theologies and philosophies of Hinduism. In the Hindu tradition, reason saves the aspiring devotee from avoidable errors and pitfalls, work purifies his heart, meditation creates one-pointedness of mind, love gives him the urge to move forward, faith supports him with courage in the hour of despondency, and the grace of God bestows upon him the "final fruit" of liberation. Top that Pope what's-you-name, if you can! Take that, Rabbi whatever. Up yours, Reverend snooty nose! Reason, work, meditation, love and faith are the answers to a full and happy life! Notice any similarly to the ancient art of oral cock worship, do we? Yes, I thought so. And thus ends my special Thanksgiving priapic message. Once your bird meat settles, I hope you will find your cock stuffed in another warm, moist place. As the Hindu's believe, it will the the "final fruit" of (holiday) liberation!