Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Michael Has Balls - And He Isn't Afaid to Use them

He's done it again (...I think he does it several times a day). Michael, the endowed wunderkind, has created another video masturbate...I mean masterpiece for our viewing and listening pleasure. This one is a true homage (oh-mahj) to our favorite subject - THE COCK! Let's just put it this way, Michael understands the essence of oral cock worship and is completely attuned to all aspects of gay sexuality. Who better to produce these cum-charged videos then Seattle's guru of gonadal bliss, right? Check it out. Share with friends. Play it at your next soiree. And if you're not soigné enough to have soirees, just turn it on next time you are giving or getting head, OK?  http://mynsfwmusicvideos.tumblr.com/post/93169167793/like-a-bird-florian-meindl-remix-lexy-k-paul

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Creative & Hung - Michael is Hard - and Hard Not to Like

One of the first people I met (carnally) upon my arrival in Seattle two years ago was a wonderfully unique guy named Michael. Michael is a hottie who hangs out mostly with other hotties and has a trophy dick the size of the Baja Peninsula . But wait! There's more. Michael is also a talented and creative soul who has produced/directed live theater and currently works to raise awareness of HIV risk reduction and preventative treatments. In the last year or so, Michael has begun to focus his energies on making music videos guaranteed to help blood flow in the groin region, as well as seminal fluid projection from the phallus. In other words. his work will make you hard as a rock and spew cum like a racehorse. And that's just what he wants you to do. Here's his latest cock-centered production for your viewing enjoyment. Poor Michael. He has to deal with all the gifts he has been given, including a great body, big, thick cock and a brain that is impelled to create sensuous, lasting images for all to see. You gotta love a guy like that. Enjoy! http://mynsfwmusicvideos.tumblr.com/post/92429500558/jackin-nsfw-music-video

Saturday, July 19, 2014

An Oral POV and Proper Etiquette for Those Inclined to Slurp

The photo at top above is a POV shot that I find most appealing. It is the view that a cocksucker sees as they stare down while lying next to someone with whom they have established a rapport and comfort level. I recall many times with past amours of lying together in the bed cuddling, kissing or watching TV. Next thing you know, he's pulled his shorts down to show off his engorged prick. It's usually done with somewhat of a "come hither" flourish that strongly infers he would like a little help from a friend in bringing his edifice to eruption. Basically, he wants to get sucked off. Well, I've never been able to resist this sort of rather adolescent act of selfish pleasure and find it intoxicatingly alluring to slip effortlessly down to his manhood, slip it furtively into my mouth and throat and show him who's boss (him...of course!). Now, the shots that follow are illustrations of my concern that men are not adhering to proper sexual etiquette during the act of fellating a partner. Didn't your mother tell you not to slurp your milk or soup when you were a kid? If not, what was she, a dyke?!? (I'm kidding girls....just kidding....). Moaning, of course, is totally acceptable and in some cases, a requirement made by your top. But slurping is just so déclassé in my book. Then again, there was this lovely gentlemen a few weeks ago who kept goading during the act me, saying, "Let me hear you...I want to hear you suck my dick". Well, then, you're basically SOS if you have issues with slurping in public, so rise above the bourgeois and give him a show! But try, please, not to make that a standard behavioral norm while on your knees in the future. Frankly, I'd much rather hear my top speak softly and nasty to me while I'm doing all the work, telling me what he wants and how I'm doing. You just can't beat positive feedback, you know. How else are you to improve? So, as this weekend moves forward, please know that I will spend the majority of it thinking about things to write about to make your sexual adventures more satisfying....if not just more "tasteful". Double entendres work so well in this business.....don't ya know?

Monday, July 14, 2014

Follow Me, Bitches!

Hey guys. Do you know that you can follow me on Bloglovin and receive updates as they happen? And do you know that you can tell you friends to follow me using this link? And do you know that your buddies on Twitter and other social media are desperate to know how to follow this blog? And are you aware that fresh cum used under the eyes can help with bags and dark circle? Thought so. So, follow me, bitches and tell everyone you know! Sperm is a terrible thing to waste! https://www.bloglovin.com/blog/2541002. Sloppy seconds to you all. xx P.S. You can also follow this blog via email or by signing on through Google Connect. Honey, in this world of chaos, conflict and conundrum - you won't want to miss a word of my posts.

Friday, July 11, 2014

There's Always Room to Grow in Current Poll Results!

Masturbation World Record

After almost 5 years the unofficial world record of masturbation to completion has been broken. Many have tried since Romanian Tudor Rosca was crowned the king of masturbation in 2006 having achieved 36 orgasms in a 24 hour period. In an interview with reporters he said “masturbation for me is a way of life. I’ve been training for this day since I was 13 years old and I’m happy with my performance today”. Tudor, like his predecessor German Student, Hans Blickstein who achieved 27 orgasms in a 24 hour period, had no comment about the new champion record setter. So, there you have it. A gentleman in Romania was able to shoot his load no less than 36 times in a 24 hour period. Now, why is it that these Olympians of Cum live so far away from those of us who would be honored to support their competitive growth? At least if they were in Portland or Vancouver I could catch a train and be there in a few hours! No easy way to get to Bucharest from Seattle without a plane change. How tedious. Well! My own poll (right column, down a bit), in which several of you have already participated, shows that full 58% of my readers have climaxed 3-7 times in that same period. I was totally impressed with your sperminess until I read about my new BFF, Tudor Rosca. Now there's a man I could grow to lust...I mean love (although, frankly, a good rhinoplasty could do wonders....). Can you even imagine having a partner who could come 1.5 times an hour throughout the weekend? Makes my stomach turn (and it would with that amount of semen sloshing around). So, there's still time for you pervs to participate in the poll. Let's not be getting some delusion of grandeur after reading about old Tudor-man, though. It ain't gonna happen...although I think you should try. And, God forbid, if you should break the record, call me. You'll be on a plane to Seattle before sunset...stat!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

In Your Face, Cocksuckers!

Oh God, I sound so butch with that headline. I try. God knows I try. Well, these two shots sort of showed up on my computer late this afternoon and I was impelled to post them for my readers as a festive way to start their summer weekend. You know, summer is a great time to show off your man package. The sun feels fantastic on a naked body and is a good source of Vitamin D to boot! For those of us who live in the northern half of the country, that's an important thing, you know. Of course, I feel sorry for those guys who forget to put sun screen on their hoo-ha (as I used to call it - somehow, though, calling this blog, "Oral Hoo-Ha Worship" just didn't seem to have the same erotic ring to it). Having a sunburn on that particular part of the body can be...well, disconcerting, if you know what I mean. On the other hand, giving head to a man slathered in sunscreen ain't that pleasant either, so I guess it's a trade-off. Like life, really. Here's wishing you all the very best of weekends. Get out and enjoy the sunshine; exercise, go boating, attend an outdoor event, work out in the garden, go hiking/swimming/running.....or just have a lot of sex. As we all know, face-fucking can be quite a work out. And if you get face-fucked outside, you're going to be getting some sun and exercise. Two of life's most basic needs will be met! Oh God, where do I come up with these ideas?!? You know, it's not easy being an oral sex savant. Lucky for you, I've been able to channel my energies into something useful and valuable for men everywhere. Changing the world, one God-damn cock at a time....

Bateworld - A Party Where Every Cums....

Unless you were raise by religious zealots who kept your dick locked in a cage to avoid touching, you probably have spent a significant percentage of your adolescence and adulthood playing with yourself. The act of jacking off became as natural as unavoidable boners during basketball practice, or when inadvertently staring at your buddy's big cock during camping trips or sleepovers. At some point, however, we learn that the act of edging, gooning, jacking off and cumming is officially called, "masturbation". One of the best sites in the world to celebrate this act is BATEWORLD (http://bateworld.com/home.php). I recently joined and have found myself overwhelmed at the amount of mouth-watering penises they feature in photos, videos and posts. Their nitch is interesting, in that they tend to veer away from both oral and anal sex to discuss in great, Abalone-soaked depth the act most of us first started practicing around age 12. Where else can you see Straight, Bi and Gay men come together to enjoy a good wank, as the Brits call it? And where else can you read in detail about guys who edge themselves for hours and hours before releasing streams and streams of built-up seminal fluids? BATEWORLD's the place. We share an intense love for all things cock, but there are times when that warm, wet mouth just doesn't magically appear. Bingo! Just click on the this site and enjoy a manually directed session of protracted, gooey lust! And let them know that I sent, you, OK? BATEWORLD, a party where everyone cums!

Young Cock and the Cocksuckers Who Love Them

Good morning, pervy peeps! How's it hanging? Well, when I asked that question of the young man in the first pic above, he just replied, "Low". To prove his claim, he followed up with this close-up of his pendulous and thick cock and ball sack and a, "Go for it", allowing me to post it on my blog. Well, as often happens, one thing led to another and I found myself stimulated...I mean motivated...to do a post featuring lots and lots of cocks, cocksuckers, cocksuckees and the piece de resistance, a huge load of cum. Who says Thursdays are a drag? Knowing that the weekend if almost upon us, surely this will stimulate...I mean motivate...you to spew your thick, fresh, warm seed among a flock of worshipers in your area. After all, nothing is worst than returning to work on a Monday knowing that you haven't climaxed all weekend and are horny as fuck, right? You find yourself arguing with your boss and sneering at the receptionist. And you probably blamed it on low blood sugar...right? OK, if you are a religious sort, stop reading right now. If not, read on. Yesterday I visited an AVS as I was needing a couple servings of favorite meat. Before I left, I used the store's customer restroom. Upon entering, I saw that someone had laid a small, dog-eared copy of the Bible's New Testament on the counter. WTF? I'm sure it was from a "good Samaritan" who wanted to make a statement about m4m sex somehow. It truly offended me. So guess what I did? (no kidding either) I jacked off on it and left it on the counter with my sperm puddled up on the cover. Isn't that disgusting, perverted and totally gross? I agree - and am so proud of my work. So, as the Bible says in Galatians 5:19,  "When you follow the desires of your sinful nature, the results are very clear: sexual immorality, impurity, lustful pleasures ...". You know, sometimes those guys got it spot on....let's hear it for lustful pleasures!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Splooge, Cum, Semen, Sperm, Jizz, Nut, Seed, Man Milk, Baby Batter, Spunk, Wad, Jism, Load, Money Shot, Sack Sauce, White Stuff et al

Isn't it interesting that there are so many words for the fresh, warm fluid that projects frequently out of man's best friend? I could have added to the list above, but I was beginning to get excited and decided the go on to write my post instead of getting distracted by my own phallic needs. As you know, I became sexual active in 7th grade. One of the boys I "frequented" had this game he loved to play in one of our school restrooms that involved a couple guys jacking off. When we were ready to come, we would compete for who who stand farthest back and still hit the urinal with our ropes of boy cum. Isn't that special? You know, men are brought up to be competitive, so this sort of thing seemed completely natural to me. If only as I was good at soccer as I was spurting....Anyhoo, cum has always been a special part of my sexual interests. You already know how much I loved to swallow fresh loads, but did I tell you how many guys have cum all over my face? I would tell you, but I lost count in around 2003. And what is amazingly exciting about sperm is that it is a renewable source. Funny how that happens. One of my former amours would sometimes grab my hair when I brought him to the brink of climax and pull my head back so that he could dominate me by spewing his load thickly and intensely onto my face. That was always exciting and served as a minor foray into the BDSM in my slightly vanilla sexual world. I'm not into the pain part, but the role and power play is incredibly hot to me. While you are enjoying your festive fellatio follies this week, try to keep in mind that cum does a body good. Make that final spurt a memorable one.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Return to Glory (Hole) - An Aficionado's Story

I haven't written too much about Glory Holes in this blog for a couple of reasons. Frankly, in the last 20 years, holes have been covered up in bookstores, adult theaters and sex clubs across America, to the detriment of the orally aligned public. As you can well imagine, I find this action to be short-sighted, repugnant and totally unnecessary. I mean really, is there anything in this world more normal for a man needing some physical relief than having a local outlet with willing and hungry providers available? Who is being harmed by allowing men to practice their God-given (sic) right to worship at the alter of their choice? Well, a resident of San Diego North Park neighborhood sent me this photo and an email describing his neighborhood hole. It was at a private home, which has become all the rage as vendors offer cost-effective portable units that can be set up in doorways, hallways and back yards everywhere. I have to say that this gentleman deserves service-on-command from this suckalicious photo. Luckily, he is also phallic-flexible and enjoys drawing semen loads from others (and some people say real American values are waning...not in San Diego). He writes: Glory, glory! A few years ago, I knew a guy who had a glory hole set up in his house in San Diego, near Balboa Park. This was back when Yahoo was the place to hook up, and we met on Yahoo. He occasionally put posts on Yahoo groups where I was active that he would be up that night, and put the hours. You had to send a photo with your qualifications, and then wait for an invitation. Without that, he would either not send you the address, or if you'd been there before and he didn't enjoy it, he'd just tell you not to come back. The first time I was there was pretty straightforward. I showed up (I had the advantage of only living a few blocks away - maybe a half mile), went in the back door to the pantry where the hole was set up, said hi, chatted a bit, unzipped, and got one of the best blow jobs of my life. I could tell that he was taking pictures on the other side (wish I still had those - backups are important!), and he later sent me a couple of them, and continued to occasionally send invites while he lived in town. As I was leaving, I saw another guy coming in through the gate, and by the look on his face, I could tell that he was after the same thing.  I just gave him a kind of half-smile, and went on my way. No need to make him nervous, after all. The next time was much like the first, but I held back a bit, and after about 10 minutes pulled out, and asked him if I could return the favor. He hesitated a bit, but said "OK" and put his cock through the hole. And it was a very nice one! A bit over 7" long,  nicely thick, with a firm mushroom head. He and I swapped head for a while, and after about 15 minutes, I heard the door open behind me (I was the recipient at the time), and a voice said, "Oh! Excuse me!", and whoever it was started backing out. I said, "Come on in! There's plenty of room!" (Though really the space was pretty small), and after a little while I backed out, and let the new guy take my place, so I could watch. Our host alternated between the two of us for manybe another 15 minutes until I came, at which point I nodded to the other guy, cleaned up (our host had provided baby wipes and paper towels - his place was really very well thought out), zipped up, and went home. It got to be a semi-regular thing. Every few weeks, a post would show up, and I'd send an e-mail, and mostly get an invitation. But the last few times were the best. Our host (whom I called "Dawg") had learned our patterns, and what everyone liked, and he told me to come at 9:00. That was a fairly early time, and when I got there, I was the only one. So I unzipped and went through the hole, and he got me nice and hard, and then I backed up and sucked him for a while. We alternated this for nearly 20 minutes, then there was a tap at the door, and it opened slightly. A new guy was there, and I pulled out, and stepped to the side, and let our host at him, watching all the while. He also had a nice cock - our host had good taste (as it were), and liked nice, big cocks. During the next 15 minutes, 3 other guys also showed up. It got crowded in the pantry, and some of the guys looked like they might leave, having to wait for the hole, so I just knelt down on the floor, and started sucking them off, one at a time. In a very short time, we established a rhythm - our host would take one, and I would alternate among the other three, except when it was my turn at the hole. During that time, the oher guys would just wait. I guess I was the only other bottom there. I spent an hour or more each of those times sucking cock, and though I tried to leave the best to Dawg, at least one of the guys came in my mouth. Dawg moved away after a few months - he got a better job offer up in L.A. I only heard from him once after that - he was back in town for a weekend, and was going to have a party at his hotel, and wanted to make it memorable. Dammit, I had to work that night, and missed it. Now, of course, I wish I'd asked him for his local contacts when he moved away, so I could take care of them while in his absenc. I haven't had the opportunity to suck that much cock that regularly since! And my apartment is just not set up in a way to make it possible to set up a glory hole here. But damn, I'd love to suck cock like that again! Yes, this tale of lust and loss made me mist up a little myself. Poor thing. Losing his cocksucker and all those young, priapic San Diego penises. And I thought I had a hard life...Well, from the looks of this photo, I think he's going to do just fine. I've done that back-and-forth service provider thing myself and it tends get both parties so hot. Of course, I play for keeps - and insist on getting their load (fuck those values I mentioned earlier...) So, my friends, you now have motivation to change the course of history. Get down to your next city council meeting and insist that they reopen the Glory Holes! Tell them that we have our beloved military returning every day from far-off countries just begging for service. I think I may start planning a march on Washington. Seems the only way to get things done in this world it to make some noise, right? Coincidentally, I believe there's still a huge Glory Hole club in D.C. which would make the trip ever-so-much-more memorable, n'est pas? Thanks to my San Diego correspondent for submitting this update. I always appreciate hearing from who believe as I do that man's greatest gift hangs thickly between his legs - and deserves honor, adoration and service! Bon appetit!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sexual Prophet or Phallic Phony? Paying Homage to the God of Cock!

There is a true acolyte of the Lord Cock online. His screen name is "Cockisthetruegod" and he has an account on xtube: http://www.xtube.com/community/profile.php?user=cockisthetruegod. He writes these absolutely mesmerizing messages to me about his complete and utter devotion to the phallus, as well as his "religious fervor" for paying homage to his one true lord. Here's an example from a recent email: For years I imagined that I had power over some men...that I was able to entice a man to place his Cock on my tongue and feel the greatest pleasure known. Pastors, priests, uncles, cousins, professors, elected officials, and countless married men. But now I KNOW I have that power. It is not something I only imagine. It is real. I am able to lead a man away from his wife or religion. I have within me the actual power of Cock itself. When I use that power for pleasure, I am not denied.

Cock is God. There is no other. I deny all other Gods and reject their false nature. I cling only to the carnal flesh God of pleasure and lust. My Cock desire is to pleasure Cock without end, to suck the Sacred Root of all men and receive the Holy Seed that makes me one with Cock. I am Cock, and I am on this earth to lead other men into the fire of desire and sex greed. I live to empty my Seed into the throats of thousands and thousands of men, planting the Cock Seed in them until it grows and consumes their very souls for Cock.

I hope together to discover others like us, those who hide their Lust because of a world dominated by false gods. I pray to meet other disciples and strengthen our devotion. I pray that Cock will shatter the inhibitions of men and lead them to desire Cock and Cock alone. I pray for Cock to lead men away from the cunt which is only for procreation, and lead them TO the Cock.

Now is the time for us to seek Cock. Now is the time for us to raise the Beast. Call forth the Cock Beast and grant him his rightful dominion over man. May Cock lead us to it, and never release us from it. May we only know Cock.
See what I mean? He writes beautifully and descriptively about his intense passion for man's greatest gift. I, myself, have spoken about the God-Cock and the spiritual aspects of ceremonial cock worship and the prick itself. In my case, I prefer to state is as, "God-like" or that I treat cock, "like a Deity". I do this for a couple of reasons: 1. I don't believe in God, so to call a penis "God" seems disingenuous at best. The visual of kneeing to worship a spewing cock is pretty hot, though, so I think it'a connected to our religious indoctrination, coupled with innate human lust. 2. If people believe in a true deity, I'm not the one to try to steer them astray. In this world of craziness, poverty, war, murder and helplessness, having an ethereal emotional crutch is probably not a bad thing. For others, experiencing the magic and majesty of an erect cock is all the worship they need to keep them going. Everyone should worship at the alter of their choice. Each of us is charged with finding our own "higher power". With all due respect, cock has given me much more comfort, pleasure and inspiration than any religious dogma. It brings a whole new meaning to "believing in the divine".....

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Visual Celebrations and Accessories for the 4th of July!

Gosh, here we are in this festive holiday week and I encounter (accidentally of course....I used to say, "I came across these pics", but that has a whole other meaning....) a batch of picture perfect pricks exploding into their hungry and eager cocksucker's throats in anticipation of the big day! Doesn't this just put you in the mood to savor the celebrations to come? In addition, I received a promo on this nifty and helpful jock-like item to add to your holiday gear. Tom from G-Whiz Novelty sent me this note to accompany the shot: "Here's a link to a blog promoting the BunnG. you wear it under your Speedo to show off your hot bulge - or hotter bulge if you're so endowed."  I should have included this in my previous post on fetish wear and cock-centric garb, but at least you know about it now and can order it for your weekend weiner roasts! Check out his site for more info: http://bunngman.blogspot.com/p/order-page_3.html. Hopefully I can post again before the 4th, but if not, my very best to each of you little pervs for a moist and warm holiday celebration. Just writing today's little doodle has made me a little moist, so I can only imagine what it could do to an 18 year old gymnast....(and if there are any 18 year old gymnasts reading this right now, you should call me immediately about my personal guidelines for setting off safe and sane fireworks (ex. when someone says, "I'm going to blast down your throat", it doesn't necessary refer to the inappropriate use of a fire cracker....).

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Gearing UP for Cock-Centric Fetish & Fantasy

I am limited in my photo posting capability but since these pics "spoke to me" somehow, I thought they deserved inclusion. Today's post is all about our ability to accentuate the cock worship and cock-centric experience by showing off our assets in creative, interesting and sensuous ways. One of the great things about being gay is the ability to be whatever you want to be. That aspect, coupled with our innate creativity and a deep desire for self-expression, can make for some highly sexy outfits. This is especially true at Halloween and during the summer festivities, parties, outside entertaining/cruising et al. For those of my ilk, however, it's all about accentuating the cock and manhood. It's a highly visual expression of confidence, prowess, titillation and sexual yearning. So many things fall under the category of gear, including leather, Lycra, briefs and undergear, cock rings, rubber wear, jocks and sports gear, exhibitionist/see-thru things, role playing costumes and uniforms, torn and revealing jeans/shorts etc. Some of THE hottest gear I've ever seen may not be "theatrical" - but SO hot, like the guy above with too-tight pants and a bulge the size of Tunisia. Use your imagination! Just know that as the evening wears on, there will be someone that would walk barefoot across frozen tundra, dodging hungry, rabid wolves and gale-force winds to get on their knees in front of you to show their devotion. Now, I remember one party I attended with a former partner. It was a "costume" party, so people were in every garb imaginable, including full drag, faux/implied drag, leather and fetish wear abundant. One, rather extremely well endowed man, wore nothing but a ribbon and bow around his credentials.Well, as one would imagine, I was totally smitten. As I sipped timidly on my third martini, I asked him if would like to go downstairs so I could, "inspect his bow". We ended up in the guest room, where I had untied the ribbon and was sucking his ever-growing package intensely. Voila! In walks in my partner. Presto! Out walks my partner. So I finished the job and returned to the festivities. My partner had left after the discovery of my......indiscretion.....and returned home, in our car. When I got home (via the kindness of a stranger, if you can imagine)  my partner-du-jour was waiting....with a knife. The last thing I remember was running down the street screaming in my nurse uniform and wig, "He's going to kill me!" as I jumped on the hood of a car that had slowed down. So fucking dramatic, really. Well, not to worry. He didn't catch me. But it just shows the power of cock-centric gear....in this case a red ribbon and bow wrapped around a large, meaty phallus. See what I mean about using your imagination...?!?

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Don't Just Sit There....EAT IT!

Like a perfectly done medium-rare aged steak, a fresh-out-of-the-oven oatmeal raisin cookie, a quickly browned creme brulee or a piece of warm apple pie, some things in life just taste better when they're eaten fresh. Such is the case with cock. When an erect penis, warm with blood flow and flaunting itself teasingly rigid over a full ball sack, presents itself to you, you have a couple of choices: 1. You could run screaming like a little school girl from the scene vowing never to view another phallus as long as you live, 2. Raise one eyebrow, purse your lips and audibly state, "Hmmmmmmmmm", 3. Grab your phone and take a quick pic before he loses his nerve, 4. Tell him that you're straight and ask him if he has a sister....or (and my personal favorite), 5. GET ON YOUR FUCKING KNEES AND EAT IT!. Now, for those of you who chose answers 1-4 above, this may not be the right blog for you. Seriously, it doesn't take an Einstein to realize that eating is as natural as breathing - and when an erect dick is starring you in the face, you need to act on your urges and go for it. Just sayin'. And if you are a top who has found yourself in a situation of "cocksucker hesitancy" you really have only one thing to do. Tell him, in your most manly and assertive tone, to, "Eat it". If he continues to be torn by Christian guilt and/or pubescent timidity, put that cock back in your briefs, pull on those cargo shorts and text me from the car that you're on the way over, OK? Honestly, sometimes I feel that I'm the only one who "gets it" in the world of sex. Think of all those phrases that feeders and eaters have come up with over the years to keep them focused..."Use it or lose it", "When opportunity knocks, answer the door", "It won't suck itself".....and my favorite quote by no less than Thomas Edison (for those high school dropouts, you may want to know that name), “We often miss opportunity because it's dressed in overalls and looks like work”. Now if that isn't a prescient comment from the 19th Century, what is...right? OK, it's Tuesday. Not that many shopping days left kiddos to have that happy meal. As the beloved original grand diva herself sang, "Make someone happy....make just one someone happy". Now, where else are you going to find a cocksucking blog mention Judy-fucking-Garland and the founder of electricity in the same post, huh? That's why you boys keep coming back for more. And I am very grateful, as you can well imagine.....

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

CUM - The World's Most Abundant Natural Resource

So what age were you when you started to realize that something wet and sticky was seeping out of your little pubescent cock at night? For me, it was 12 going on 13. I couldn't really understand what was happening and the mess it made in my Disney PJ's was irritating for an impressionable Virgo. But it didn't take me long to realize that I had control of the situation and that a little manual stimulation could elicit the reaction - whenever I wanted! Eureka! Didn't we all become little jack-off, cum spewing adolescents, though around that time? For me, sperm was the elixir of the heavens. I learned to love the taste, smell and feel of it early on. When I wasn't harvesting my own loads, I began to service my soccer team mate Brent who also seemed to provide endless streams of young seed for my throat, face, hand et al. We even had a little competition going about who could shoot the farthest standing back from the urinal. Damn him, but he beat me every time...ha! It is no surprise that I am a sperm-a-holic due to my predilection for oral service. But common sense tells me that sperm is a natural and abundant resource that still remains largely untapped! That's right! How many loads an hour are wasted by men who take matters into their own hands and spread their seed anywhere available? It gets flushed down the toilet or rinsed down the sink or shower never to be seen again. Travesty! I am hoping that President Obama is reading this post (I believe that he may, indeed, be a follower, but that's just a sneaky feeling....). If he is, surely he will note that gas, oil, coal and wood are all being quickly depleted by greedy developers and end-users the world over. But semen is abundant, plentiful and....ta-dum....renewable! So what are we waiting for? Let's get a program going to harvest and utilize this life-affirming male product! As you can see from these pics and videos, men love to shoot their loads. I mean they are totally crazy about it, don't ya know. So it just seems to me that we have ample resources to take us well into the next millennium if we learn to use it properly! OK, I'll get off my soapbox and let all this sink in. I have a feeling that you'll wake up some night soon with a raging hard-on and need to relieve the pressure. As your semen spurts out of that rigid cock, just think about what I've said. Then go back to sleep. I swear, I am a phallic prophet of some type. Has anyone ever qualified for a Nobel Prize for cum research?? I'll be looking for that registered letter to arrive soon.....

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

An Old Softie Answers the Questions, "How's it hangin'?"

God I'm witty sometimes. Cryptic wordsmithing and woody-inducing double entendres seem to fall off my tongue like the laod from that young soldier from Joint Base Lewis-McCord last evening. Lest I ever....EVER be accused of not showcasing the flaccid cock, here's my answer to the age-old questions of, "How's it hangin?" In days gone by, you'd throw in a "fella" at the end of the question with a sly smile and wink of the eye. Hey, it was easier than figuring out what color hanky to wear on what side in order to get laid, right? I had a load of fun selecting these shots for my sexy pervs this morning in cool, cloudy Seattle (Jesus, isn't it June....somewhere?!?). I happen to love cock in all stages. As you already know, I love to see a nice cock and balls fill out a pair of fresh white briefs or swing innocently (?) against the fabric of commando boys in shorts or sweats. I mean, really. Is there anything sexier? Who needs to worry about a "come hither" look when you're starring at a crotch the size of  Buffalo (or even of a buffalo!)? But I also like the next stage. That "semi" I mention sometimes. When the dick is moist with pre-cum and hanging down along the thigh waiting for further stimulus to bring it to full, flag-waving erection. Then, of course, the phallic piece-de-resistance of cock worship, the fully arisen penis! So those are the stages of cock - in a nut sack...I mean shell. But today's post is all about the foolish, flirtatious phallus we call a softie. Let's face it, what goes up must come down....eventually. And when it does, we should give thanks for this life-affirming - and throat-filling - cycle of life.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

What Makes a Daddy? A Father's Day Tribute

The term "Daddy" has special meaning among men who have oral sex with men. It denotes a certain level of masculinity, appendage size, fullness of nut sack, virility, chest hair and total top orientation. The shots above would be more classically fit this daddy stereotype and certainly reflect a unique aspect of the special nature of this Hallmark holiday called appropriately, "Father's Day" throughout the U.S. Of course, today is actually designed to acknowledge those men who are serving as a parent of a child in some mode or manner. That's sweet. My focus, however, is on those daddies that like to shoot their seed for non-procreational reasons, or simply because it keeps their prostates in better health. Now, a "daddy" does not need to have all the characteristics mentioned in my second sentence of this post. To me, it's an attitude, a swagger, a sureness of crotch and a self-awareness that attracts cocksuckers to them like discounted tickets to a Beyonce concert. A true daddy can be hairy or hairless, cut or uncut, hung like Godzilla or more like a Kielbasa, White/Black/Asian/Hispanic, pumped up like a Macy's day balloon,  or just hot in a next-door buddy way. Yes, today was set aside to thank the traditional "Dad" for raising their kid(s), but let's not neglect to give thanks to those "other" dads. The ones who we lust after on the street, at the gym or in a darkened bar. And if you are a daddy, we want to let you know that you deserve our adoration, honor, appreciation and service. And most importantly, we'd prefer to show our gratitude much, much more often than just once a year. My kind of Daddies certainly deserve that, if you ask me....