Monday, November 14, 2011

Black Cock - An International Treasure!

First of all, let me note that this photo is a simulation of the actual story submitted to me earlier today. I have a feeling, though, that it's not far off from the detailed description that follows. As someone who has discovered the extreme sexual pleasure of servicing black men, I concur with the writer that it's difficult to return to the average white male after experiencing what I tend to believe is the most heavily hung ethnicity on the planet. No wonder they have achieved such a reputation for intense sexual prowess. How could you not have developed a strong phallic awareness when every time you drop your briefs the room falls silent and the stares begin! Here's my buddies personal story of his recent Mandingo revelation:
I've been a fan of your blog for some time but never participated before. I had an experience back in September that has stirred something inside me and I find myself constantly thinking about now. I was hoping you might want to post my story if you thought your readers might enjoy/ have feedback for me. I would prefer to keep my email private at this time.  While I was traveling for a conference I ended up getting throat fucked by a hung married black guy and ever since that experience I find myself constantly thinking about black cum and craving to get pounded and injected by another big black dick. I'm hoping to find another guy that would like to swap experiences as I explore going black... I was in traveling September 27-29th for work and was staying at the Hyatt. I was extremely horny and hungry, as there were a lot of businessmen and wedding rings. I got to my hotel early in the afternoon and since my first meeting were not till the next morning I had leisure time to explore and relax. I was poolside on my second drink when I saw this well built black dude enter the pool by himself. I couldn't help but stare- he had extremely dark skin and a very muscled chest. He caught me staring a couple times and smirked. He got in and out of the pool several times all the while I nursed my drink and stared. Muscled legs, wedding ring and a pair of "Tommy" gray swim trunks that outlined a thick, heavy pipe. It was obvious that I was ogling this married guy and he clearly knew the score. I was too nervous to approach him directly but got the nerve to grab a napkin when I was at the bar and scribbled the following: "Hassle free total deepthroat head with full ball service and swallow for traveling horned up men. No recip- discrete with pussy porn in my room. 7xx-xxx-xxxx. Blocked calls , text cool". I gathered my stuff and as I was leaving the pool I made eye contact with this guy and made sure he saw me drop the folded napkin onto his chair/ towel and hightailed it back to my room. I was shaking I was so nervous and excited wondering if he would take the bait. About 30 mins later I received a call from a blocked number and when I answered ,a deep, masculine voice  said, "Do you make it a point to proposition married strangers for head"? I stammered out ,"No, but I couldn't help myself after seeing you at the pool. No offense intended, but if you are here on biz with blueballs I can guarantee my throat is deep and tight like a pussy, and you won't have to pullout with me". He barked out, "Room number"? I told him, "Room #3618" and he said, "Ten minutes - and have some porn playing". I was literally shaking as I scrambled to get ready. I put my wallet, watch, etc in the safe, popped a mint and brought up some Xhamster IR gangbang porn. I pulled the glass top desk over to the corner of the bed and angled the screen. Right on time I heard a loud knock on my door. I opened the door and he stood there with sunglasses on, a t-shirt and the gray swim trunks. He pushed his way in and shut the door. He barely acknowledged me and walked straight toward the porn playing on my laptop. He sat down on the edge of the bed and said ,"Get over here and take it out". I was on my knees in a flash feeling his thick, heavy pipe starting to strain at the still damp gray Tommy's. He was extremely tense and said, "Go on and start sucking, I got a dinner meeting in an hour". I tore open the Velcro fly of his swim trunks and a thick, (by my estimate 8" or so)shaft with a nice helmet head and slight curve down bobbed in the air. It was crisscrossed with veins under the ebony skin. I immediately swallowed it down, forcing my throat ring as I made sure to get my lips
down to the base. He grunted and pressed the back of my head down as he pushed his hips up toward my face. I was working hard not to gag and had my hands griping the sides of his muscled thighs as he continued a rough throat ride- completely ignoring my gasping and choking. He was strong and my attempts to push him back off using my hands on his thighs were futile. I had tears running down my face and was hoping the rooms on either side were vacant as my gagging/ choking/ wet slurping, along with the pussy porn (he had turned up the volume and some chick was screaming and wailing as she pulled a train), was embarrassingly loud. He kept his grip on the back of my head, with me on my knees between this married black business dude with thighs spread wide. His damp swim trunks were between my knees and his eyes glued to my laptop screen. I really wanted to eat his balls - they were full and tight covered with wiry short black hair - the skin even darker than the shaft and I could smell his ripe, musky scent combined with the pool chlorine. He never gave me the chance to taste this balls during his rape of my throat. After about 15 minutes of his pounding my mouth like some cheap whore he gripped my head even harder and grunted, "Swallow it bitch". His shaft started pulsing and he began spraying seed deep down my throat. I was coughing and choking, but he would not let me up. Some of his cum came out of my nose as I was coughing. I counted a solid 9 pulses that pelted my throat. He loosened his grip and I was able to pull back and milk the head and finally savor the taste of this guys baby maker semen. He was sweaty and clearly winded by his explosive nut. I tried to grab his left hand and feel his wedding ring but he knocked my hand away and got up, his shaft now semi hard and bobbing. I saw a fresh bead of his sperm forming and took the head into my mouth and nursed it like a baby. He pushed my head off and I fell back on my haunches. He pulled up his shorts and started to walk out. He tossed the crumpled napkin on bed and said one last word before the door closed, "Nice". I was hoping to hear from him but he never called me for a repeat. I did see him later that night in the hotel bar with several other business types (all with wedding rings). I made it a point to make eye contact with him, but he ignored me. That night I jacked off 3 times imagining him showing up at my door with a few of his associates, but it never happened. I've been craving black cock ever since that trip.
Editor's Note: Interestingly, I have a straight black man coming to see me tomorrow afternoon and am very excited. He fits every category for a hottie oral top who bragged earlier about giving me "two big loads" as I worship his daddy stick. So here's to all you sexy-ass black guys out there who know full well how much power you have swinging between their legs! You are are among the sexier dudes on earth!!


Andy said...

Great story! Well-endowed black men really are at the tip top of the sexual food chain.

Anonymous said...

Andy- since that biz trip I'd have to agree with you. I can't stop the craving now- it's constantly in my mind and I need to feed this desire... I'm at work right now and showing a huge boner while I checked out your submittoblack blog. If you would like to post my story let's get in touch.


Andy said...

Hey Marc, my email is on the front page (top right corner) of my other blog

I might like to post your story there. Drop me a line. After you go to the mens room and beat off that is :))

Jim Phoenix said...

Whenever I go out to the vid stores to suck cock, I always give preference to the men of color. Doesn't matter if they are older or younger than I usually like, or even more fem -- they nearly always guarantee a fine cock.

Saturday night was a case in point. Young, stocky black guy -- not much to look at, but what a nice 8-in uncut piece, and some of the sweetest cum I've tasted in quite a while.

My best regular has a beautiful thick 9-incher that's been up my ass and deep in my throat. I'm lucky in that he's up for anything. He's the man who has skilled me in reverse-thrust deepthroating and, as luck would have it, we are hooking up tonight.

Thanks for a great post!

Anonymous said...

I have had the fortune of haveing two black men in my bed. Both were totally awesome. One was a total bottom with lips that could charm a sphinx and the other a body like a god, 9+ inch thick cock, loved to fuck and had cum that was fantastic. After I was done swallowing two of his huge loads, he laid me back and gave me one the most fantastic b/j's I have ever had. And like me he swallowed every drop